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We are excited to share our talents and expertise with you all to help you "get out of your head & put your thoughts on paper". Our services will help you to become organized and strategic when it comes to creating your goals.  We are brilliant beings and we have ALOT going on mentally, physically and emotionally to name a few.  With that being said, we can still do anything that we put our minds to, but at what cost? 

Let "AOD" serve as an accountability partner to help you get out of your own way and help you uncover all of that greatness with our personal and professional development coaching program(s) and more!




This Clarity call with Ms. West will enable you to explore if this is the right investment for you. You will have an opportunity to express your needs and areas for development.

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"I would recommend anyone looking for some words of encouragement and motivation to utilize Ms. West Creative Coaching and Consulting. LaShana is genuine and caring while also holding you accountable. She's also certified in mental health and knows how to talk you through the dark moments. Sign up today!"

Amber K.

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to help individuals increase their CLARITY  and CONFIDENCE to enable them to start their dream business!

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