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We are excited to share our talents and expertise with you all to help you "get out of your head & put your thoughts on paper". Our services will help you to become organized and strategic when it comes to creating your goals.  We are brilliant beings and we have ALOT going on mentally, physically and emotionally to name a few.  With that being said, we can still do anything that we put our minds to, but at what cost? 

Let "AOD" serve as an accountability partner to help you get out of your own way and help you uncover all of that greatness with our personal and professional development coaching program(s) and more!


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Our Impact

Accountability is the key to results. And its that accountability, along with top-shelf coaching, that you are bound to get when you join this program and allow Ms. West to coach you to the greatness you are more than capable of achieving. My favorite part of this program was the self-care emphasis. Many programs will get you to construct action plans and will push you and push you to achieve, but what about you? The goose can't keep laying golden eggs if the goose is not being properly cared for. And recognizing this and making this a central part of how she operates make Lashana a MUST HAVE coach!


Our Mission

to help individuals increase their CLARITY  and CONFIDENCE to enable them to start their dream business!

Meet our CEO and Founder!


LaShana has been serving in the mental health field for over 18 years spending the early years of her career working directly with individuals with developmental disabilities.  This is where she learned the importance of having true compassion and engaging in servant leadership.  She then went on to gain a wealth of experience with program restructuring, training, developing professionals, ensuring quality management processes, and mastering an evidence-based behavior modification teaching model for children and families.  All of these learning opportunities have positioned her to serve and step into a new direction by helping others in the creative and entrepreneurial field.  With the mental health background coupled with the business acumen LaShana is able to help the "whole person"

More Impact!

I had the opportunity to work with her when she was in California. She is very motivational, an organizer, who knows how to help you reach & obtain your goals. After just a few hours I knew that my business would not be the same thank you for the motivational talks.

-Faithz M.


I am my own brand!  It wasn't until I worked with LaShana and actually participated in the BAE Retreat and Expo that I really understood what that meant!  It became clear that one of the best parts of my business is being myself.

-Candyce B.

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