Accountability is a  verb 

But YOU have to be ready to take action. Are you up for the challenge?

It's time to push fear to the side, build Courage and get Crystal Clear so you can gain the Confidence to walking in your Superpower!


The Time Is Now!

Our Mission

to help individuals tap into their COURAGE FACTOR, increase their CLARITY, and activate their CONFIDENCE to enable them to start their dream business that is in alignment with their inner CORE.

When you don't have clarity....

you then lack confidence, which causes you to miss out on opportunities that you are well suited for.  This then leads to you not getting clients, not showing up fully, which brings in less cash!


You continue to over analyze, overthink, and underproduce.  This is amplifying imposter syndrome, negative thoughts, and causing you to shrink.  It's time to be more optimistic & start achieving your goals, because you are definitely capable.   It's all in HOW you think. Once your mind is restructured, new & great results start to surface


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"I have grown by leaps and bounds in such a short period of time"

How can you take immediate action?

If you are ready to take your next best step, schedule a Complimentary Clarity with Business Therapist, LaShana Now!  You will have an opportunity to express your needs and areas for development.  She will provide quick insight and clarity, which will enable you to explore if one of our services are the right investment for you!

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Hear from a few #AODcrew members!

Annie, Stem Enthusiast



Change Management Specialist

“The best part of my experience as LaShana's client is that she helped me identify and execute a pivot to go after what I really want which is was focused on my business automation (at this time) and an accelerated focus on financial literacy, wealth building and self-care. I've been blessed with a circle of Coaches for many years, yet LaShana has been able to meet me at the most defining moment in my life and help me create the kind of impact that I know I am purposed to create!“ 

"I don’t where my business would be with AOD. It opened up a side of me that had never been tapped into. If you are ready to truly invest in yourself and your business, then look no further, but let me warn this program is only for the serious."


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